A few years ago, the word “rare” didn’t seem to be the most popular word on my lips.

A few weeks ago, though, I got a text message from a rabbit friend, telling me that he’s been having a great year.

I had no idea that he had been doing this for years.

He had his first litter and was now one of the most social of all his litter mates.

The young ones are always together, sharing the love and attention.

They spend so much time playing with each other, and they’re not just socializing, either.

He’s a great dog, and it’s made him a better human being.

I’m always in awe of the people who are able to take the time to nurture and provide for such an amazing animal.

That’s why I’m proud to introduce you to my favorite rabbit.

He just happens to be a perfect companion for a cat who wants to be petted, and who’s looking for a pet.

This little bunny is a bit shy, but he loves to be with me.

When I first got him, I was just looking for someone to pet, but I got him anyway.

He was rescued from a shelter and taken to the rescue organization that helps rescue animals.

They’re called “Cat Haven.”

They’re located in Atlanta, Georgia, just a short drive from my house.

He was taken in early 2018, and since then, he’s gotten a great home with some wonderful people and a new family.

His name is Pete, and he’s one of our favorite rescue rabbits.

He is the only male in our litter, and his mom, Dolly, is also a member of the Cat Haven rescue group.

He has a great personality, loves to run, and loves playing with his friends.

Pete loves to explore and is always looking for new adventures.

He loves to play, and enjoys a good workout.

We get along great, and I think he’s ready to make his own life.

I’ve never had a dog that I’ve truly loved so much and felt so much pride in.

We adopted him from a rescue organization called Cat Haven.

Cat Haven was a rescue shelter for cats that are neglected and neglected animals, but also for those that are just too neglected to be found.

There are a lot of animals that end up in shelters because they’re too ill to be adopted.

The people who rescue cats don’t take into consideration the health of those animals, and the people that rescue cats end up losing them.

Pete was a perfect match for Cat Haven, because he had a history of not showing up at shelters, and if they had a problem with him, he would always be there.

He’s also very sweet and loves attention.

He likes to be stroked, and people can tell because he’s so cute and fluffy.

He also has a lot in common with a dog.

A lot of them like to sit around and be with their owners, and we like to do that too.

He doesn’t get much attention in the neighborhood, so he’s very social.

I like to think of him as a pet for me, not a pet that’s going to be mine forever.

He’ll be a part of my life for a very long time.

We’ll call him “Tiger,” and he’ll stay with me for the next two years.

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