The chameleons tails fall off during swimming and diving, but they have a habit of sticking together and sticking up at the end.

Now, a team of scientists has found that when they do fall out of the water, they can be repaired.

They use a technique that uses the light of sunlight to shine into the water.

In their study, the researchers found that this technique can repair the tails, and also the tip of the tail, within hours.

They think that this method could be useful in other ways.

“The most interesting question we have is how do we repair tails?

Are there other things we can do that are not the tails that fall out?” says Peter Riley, a chemical engineer at the University of Bath.

“We’re exploring the idea of what happens to the tails during swimming, diving and even when they don’t fall out.”

This is the first time that this has been done in the laboratory, says study co-author Dr Stephen Mathers.

“Our first paper on the issue is in line with the work done by the Australian chamellidae, which are some of the most abundant invertebrates in the world.”

The researchers took advantage of the fact that light reflects off the water surface and has a colour that is similar to the surface colour of the chamelesons tail.

The team used a technique called laser desorption energy transfer (LEDT), which allows researchers to change the colour of light on the water in order to mimic the effect of light reflected from the water’s surface.

This means that they can get a much clearer picture of what is happening on the surface of the mirror, which is the most difficult part of this work.

To do this, the team used an electron microscope to measure how much light could pass through the mirror at any one time.

The light reflected by the champs tail, for example, has a wavelength of about 300 nanometres, or about the wavelength of the light coming from a single photon of light.

In this particular example, this light reflected at the tip, and was then reflected back to the champes tail, which had already lost some of its colour.

They then measured how long it took for this light to bounce back into the mirror.

They found that, on average, the chambeleons tail is about 20% less transparent than it would be if the light was reflected at a wavelength that is only 10% higher.

“When we shine this light into the tail and see what happens, it is very clear that the tail is really transparent, and we can then see what is going on underneath,” says Mather.

This is what they mean by a transparent chamelette.

“That is, we can tell that the tip has lost some colour,” says Riley.

“But we can also see that it is actually getting much better, and the tail actually looks a lot more transparent.”

This allows the researchers to see if there are other ways to repair the chams tails, such as attaching them to a surface.

“There are many ways to fix tails, but this technique is the best we’ve found to repair tails,” says Dr Riley.

The work is published in the journal Nature Communications.

This article appeared in New Scientist magazine.

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