By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that Peter Thiel’s recent book, The End of Men, is a bit of a rousing success.

It’s not, as Thiel’s critics contend, a polemic on the male-dominated world of finance.

Rather, it is a detailed, compelling portrait of how the Silicon Valley titan, who was once accused of sexual harassment by a former co-worker, has changed his ways over the years.

The book’s sales have been strong, Thiel has announced a book of essays about his work, and he’s been invited to give a TED talk.

I’ve long admired Thiel’s work.

He is the kind of person who, in spite of his many failures, never gives up on anything, and whose relentless pursuit of excellence is the reason we have this incredible enterprise in our country.

I think he’s done an incredible job at transforming himself.

In addition to being a brilliant writer and a brilliant investor, he is also a remarkable human being.

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone more honest, more open, more generous, more thoughtful, more kind, and more courageous.

He’s a true genius.

So I’m honored to be part of the book’s first chapter.

It was a privilege to work with Peter.

It will be a pleasure to read more of his work.

It is a great book, and I’m going to read it and learn a lot from it.

That’s my hope.

But I’m not going to take away from his achievements, or my respect for his work and his leadership.

I’m only going to add my perspective.

And I hope people will read it.

The End of the Men chapter begins with a long look back at the life of Peter Thiel, and then picks up where the book left off, focusing on the early days of Thiel’s startup.

In the late 1980s, Thiel was a young entrepreneur who wanted to build a company that would change the way people interacted with technology.

He went to work on his idea, a website that would let people search and share pictures of people with whom they had been in relationships.

In 1982, when Thiel was 20, he wrote an article for a Silicon Valley magazine for a book he was writing.

It became the book The End Of Men.

Thiel had a lot of success in the early 1980s.

He founded PayPal, the online payment service that has grown into a billion-dollar company.

PayPal made its first sale in 1985, when it bought a piece of software called HyperCard.

At the time, HyperCard was a joke; PayPal was just starting out.

Thiel didn’t expect the software to become a billion dollar company.

But as PayPal grew, Thiel started thinking about the future of his company.

He started thinking in terms of the way the Internet would work in the future.

The future of the Internet was about people and information.

The Internet would be a world where everyone would have access to information, and everyone would use the same technology.

That was the future Thiel envisioned for PayPal.

Thiel had been a big believer in the idea of the free market, and PayPal was one of the companies that stood out as being part of that vision.

Thiel was able to build PayPal, which he built with his friend and fellow entrepreneur Larry Page, because he had a vision for a company focused on giving people a chance to be creative, a company with a mission that was based on human values.

Thiel realized, in the late ’80s, that PayPal was in trouble.

His venture capital company, Founders Fund, was losing money, and Thiel’s investments were shrinking.

Thiel began to see a problem.

He realized that if PayPal was going to survive, it had to be a company where people had the opportunity to create something for free.

That meant changing the way PayPal was structured and creating a company for people to use.

Thiel understood that PayPal needed to change.

In 1987, he sold PayPal to eBay for $1.7 billion, but he had made a mistake.

Thiel needed to make a bolder bet.

He needed to start a company and create a business that could compete with the likes of Amazon, eBay, and others.

He wanted to create a company like PayPal that was going not just to compete with PayPal, but to surpass it.

Thiel saw a huge opportunity.

In 1989, he started a new company called PayPal Technologies, Inc., which was renamed PayPal in 1991.

Thiel believed in his own vision for PayPal, and in his belief that PayPal should become the first company to offer free online banking.

He had a strong vision for what he wanted PayPal to be: a company built on a principle that made it possible for people, by and large, to do what they want and to share what they create.

The first PayPal transaction was to buy a piece at a local grocery store for $20.

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