If you’re looking for a pet health monitoring system that won’t cause you pain or discomfort, you’re in luck: The company behind a pet-tracking app, PetaPets, is now offering free devices to pet owners.

The PetaBots is a mobile app that lets owners track their pets health and fitness and log their progress.

You can track your dog, cat, hamster, or hamster-like pet through the app and receive notifications when it’s ready to be put to sleep.

PetaPlates, another pet-monitoring service, was developed by the same team, but PetaTracks also works for both pet owners and pet trainers.

PetaPasses will cost $9.99 per month for a limited number of pet owners, and the company says it will be rolling out the program nationwide by March.

But if you already have PetaPet or PetaWatch, you won’t be required to sign up for PetaBs.

The company is also offering a free, in-person pet health inspection at PetaMovies in Austin, Texas, starting in March.

Petals, a dog-watching site that offers free admission to pets, has also rolled out a free pet health check for all of its pet owners with PetaCams in New York City and Philadelphia.

You can sign up now to receive notifications and get notified when your pet’s health is checked by PetaVideos in Los Angeles.

Petas have also been rolling out a new app to help pet owners track health in their homes, Petabuzz, for $5 a month for two months.

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