An illegal hedgehog pete is a pet which is not allowed in the UK but is legal to have in Australia.

Hedgehog petes are not considered pets and therefore are illegal to have on private property.

The UK has strict laws governing pet ownership and has a strict licensing system which means that it is not a good idea to have a hedgehog on your property.

Pet owners have been using the illegal hedgehogs to get rid of mice, rats, squirrels and even dogs which are causing an increasing number of problems around their properties.

A number of hedgehog owners in Australia have been prosecuted under the Illegal Pete (Poisonous and Dangerous) Act for failing to maintain their pete and for having a pete on their property.

A case involving a hedgehog was recently heard in Victoria.

The defendant pleaded guilty to having a poisonous hedgehog in a house and was fined $300.

It is believed that the defendant was not given a legal reason for the hedgehog.

A criminal investigation has been launched by the Victorian police.

The hedgehog has been spotted on several property owners’ property in Victoria including:A property in the South of Melbourne has been dubbed the “Wild Animal Sanctuary” because of its hedgehuggers, according to the Australian Animal Protection Association (AAPA).

A hedgehog was also caught on CCTV walking along the road outside a property in Brisbane.

The hedgehugs have been spotted around properties in Melbourne and Sydney.

Australia is home to some of the largest hedgehog populations in the world, with more than 200 species, according the Animal Welfare Institute.

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