It all started when pet store owner Peter Gadiot and a group of friends had an idea.

“I wanted to bring a pet shop in our city to the people, and I thought we should bring it to Pet World, and we could be successful,” Gadiot told CBC News.

“And that was the start of Pet World.

It’s really about a partnership.”

Gadiot said he sold the idea of Pet Depot to a lot of different retailers.

“They were all like, ‘You know, we don’t really know if this is a business idea,'” he said.

“But it wasn’t until we started working on the business that we really started to think that it was the right idea.”

The idea was that Pet World would be a great retail and wholesale destination for pet stores.

“We wanted to give these pet stores a new retail experience,” Gadio told CBC.

“Because they are very fragmented.”

The retailer said Pet World was looking for a way to create a new marketplace for pet products.

“It’s a different world out there,” Gadot said.

Pet World stores now have an array of pet products ranging from puppy crates to toys, from shampoo to bedding.

Gadiot has partnered with a number of local pet stores, including a couple in Edmonton and a chain in Montreal.

“People don’t see us as pet stores,” he said of Pet Shop.

“When they see us they think of Petland.

But it’s not Petland in our stores.

It is Pet World.”

Pet World has been able to expand its retail business with the addition of a pet store in Montreal’s east end, Gadiot confirmed.

Gadios store in a residential building is not part of the Pet World network, but he says the store has been selling products to customers from other locations in the city.

“There’s been a lot more customers coming in, coming out of Pet Store because it is more convenient,” Gadion said.

Gadion hopes that Pet Store can become a new place for pet lovers to buy pet products and more customers to shop at Pet World in the future.

“Our focus is on what we do best, Pet World and pet products,” Gadi said.

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