A pet cremation provider, PetCare, is considering offering a service that could make pet cremations safer, with more options and better health care for pets.

The move comes after PetCare announced that it has been awarded a $2 million infusion from the California Department of Health to begin developing a network of pet crematoriums across the state.

PetCare will offer a service called PICROP that is designed to help pets in need of a pet crematory.

The service will provide cremations in a variety of cremation facilities and locations, from homes to large funeral homes, and will have access to the state’s pet crematoria.

PetCare plans to expand the service to other locations, including pet hospitals and nursing homes.

The PetCare service could have a huge impact on the pet cremating industry, Pet Care CEO Peter McKinnon said.

He said that a cremation that is safe, clean, and free of contaminants is important for the pet community.

“If you look at the way our pets are cremated and the way we are cremating them today, that’s what’s going to make it a lot safer for them, and we think that’s going be the case with PetCare,” McKinnon told ABC News.

“And we think it’s also going to be the reason why we’re going to have a lot more of them.”

The company will be in talks with pet crematories to bring the service online.

Petcare plans to provide the service in the next year or two.

It’s unclear how many pet cremators are currently in California, but PetCare is expected to expand to all states by 2020.

The pet cremateering industry is struggling to make inroads, and McKinnon expects it to continue to grow.

“I think the PetCare network is going to play a big role in that growth,” he said.

Pet Care said that it’s in the process of recruiting a senior executive to lead the Pet Care network.

“We want to get a senior person who can drive that network forward,” McKimmons said.

The company is also working with the California Coastal Commission on a proposal to allow pet crematers to operate at the same locations as human crematories.

Pet Care is in talks to expand its pet cremated at human-run pet crematoires in the state, as well as expand the network to the West Coast.

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