The American Dog Breeders Association says the average dog owner spends an average of $7,000 on a pet grooming service annually.

Pet stores and groomers are among the biggest spenders.

But a recent study from shows pet grooming is the second-most popular service offered by dog groomers in America, behind only dog walk.

Petscan, a company that sells a number of pet grooming products, says it’s “committed to ensuring every dog owner is able to purchase the highest quality grooming product for their dog, at the best price.”

The survey, which took place in March, surveyed over 1,200 pet groomers and owners across the country.

It was done using the online pet grooming site Petscan for PetServe, a partnership between PetScan and PetSmart.

The results show pet grooming services are getting a lot of attention from consumers.

Of the top 10 grooming services offered by pet groomer and owner, seven were dog grooming services and six were pet store grooming services.

The top five grooming services in the survey were groomers with over 100 pets.

Pet scan has been offering a pet scanning service since 2010.

The company, which sells products for both dogs and cats, says that its software can scan dogs’ faces, as well as detect facial abnormalities, and will help people find out if their pets have health problems or allergies.

PetScan CEO Jeff Fosbury says he is “proud” of the survey results.

“We are proud to be the No. 1 pet scanning company in America,” he said.

“This is a testament to our commitment to pet lovers and their pets.”

PetScan says the survey was conducted in collaboration with Petscan and PetCare, the pet grooming provider, which also offers a scan for cats.

In addition to the results, the survey showed that pet grooming services were popular among dogs and dogs-only owners.

Petcare CEO Matt Smith said he was excited to see the survey findings.

“The survey showed we are a big seller in dog grooming,” he told

The PetScan survey results show that dogs are the biggest consumers of pet groomed pets. “

I’m not surprised, but I’m also not surprised that PetScan is the No 2 pet grooming company in the country.”

The PetScan survey results show that dogs are the biggest consumers of pet groomed pets.

Of those surveyed, 69 percent of pet owners said they own a dog, compared to 59 percent of dogs-all owners and 41 percent of cats.

The survey also found that pet grooming was the second most popular service among dog groomer owners.

That’s good news for pet groomings, because dogs are much more likely to eat, groom, and feed their pets than cats.

According to Petscan CEO Jeff Flosbury, pet grooming can help dogs and their owners make the most of their pets.

“A lot of times, the people who do dog grooming are looking for a way to make sure they have the best pet for their home,” he explained.

“So for them to do pet grooming they have to know their dog is doing a great job of getting the grooming done.”

The American Pet Products Council (APPC) has endorsed PetScan’s pet scanning services.

APPC said the survey’s findings showed that “the popularity of pet scanning is a trend that will only continue to increase over time.”

APPC also called PetScan “one of the leading pet grooming companies in the world.”

The APPC says it has invested in PetScan because “they provide the best grooming service in the industry.”

APAC also said that the survey shows that pet owners are willing to spend money on pet grooming.

“Pet groomers can be a valuable asset for people who live with their pets and want to make their pets happy,” APAC president and CEO Mike Cates said in a statement.

“In this day and age, pet owners need to be able to confidently purchase their dog’s grooming products.”

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