Santa Claus is not a balding man.

But Santa has a beard.

And, because he is bearded, he has an abundance of facial hair.

His beard is on display in the form of a beard cap and a wig he uses to cover his hair.

“He doesn’t have facial hair,” said Dr. William Smith, a professor of medicine at Stanford University.

“His facial hair is just his beard, and his facial hair grows on his beard.”

A lot of people would say that, but Santa does not have facial skin.

He has a more elastic skin that allows him to grow beard facial hair in the first place.

Smith told ABC News that facial hair does not grow in the same place on Santa’s face as it does on someone else’s.

“The facial skin does not stay on a beard, it moves from beard to beard,” Smith said.

Smith added that Santa’s facial skin grows differently depending on the environment.

He said that Santa is able to grow facial hair without facial skin because he has a special way of controlling facial hair growth.

According to Dr. David Karpinski, a surgeon who specializes in facial reconstructive surgery, facial hair on the Santa character is more like a “semi-permanent” facial skin that has grown to an almost permanent state.

Karpinksi told ABC affiliate KABC in California that facial skin usually grows in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes and the temples, so it is not as flexible as a beard on a bald head.

Karpinski said facial hair also does not get attached to facial skin like it does for people who have skin cancers.

Santa is also able to use his beard to create his own hair that is long enough to cover the sides of his head.

Santa’s hair is also a special product, Karpinskis said, that is used to cover facial skin so Santa’s appearance does not become too hairy.

If Santa does grow facial skin, he said, it is much shorter than the hair that normally covers the top of his scalp.

Because of this, Santa has more facial hair than most people, but Smith said Santa does still have facial tissue.

The Beard is also an object of fascination.

It is a very important part of Santa’s character, said Smith.

Dr. Karminski said Santa’s head, and even his face, is very important to Santa.

But Dr. KARPINKIS said facial tissue, like facial hair, does not regenerate.

Once Santa loses his facial tissue and loses the ability to control facial hair hair growth, the facial tissue cannot regenerate again, Dr. Smith said, adding that Santa also has a thin layer of facial skin covering the top half of his face that does not re-grow with time.

While Santa does have facial muscle, it does not create enough muscle to grow hair.

So, Santa only needs to have facial muscles in order to grow a beard and grow facial muscle.

As Santa is a bearded man, it can be difficult for people to tell Santa apart from others.

Smith said that it is possible for people with facial muscle to identify Santa and Santa’s children, and it is also possible for Santa to identify other Santa characters.

And, Smith added, Santa’s “bearded” appearance has made him an “interesting character.”

“We see Santa as a bearded dude, and a bearded guy is a guy who’s always smiling,” Smith told KABC.

For the Santa who lives in the Santa house, the beard is important because it gives Santa the appearance of being a strong, muscular man.

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