A couple of weeks ago, the Washington Post published a story detailing the challenges of pet insurance policies in Washington state.

In it, I wrote that pet insurance companies, like most other companies, have an incentive to keep costs low in order to maximize profits.

The Post reported that pet insurers have been forced to increase premiums in recent years due to higher insurance costs.

According to the article, the costs of pet coverage have been growing at a faster rate than inflation, which has led pet insurance carriers to raise premiums in response to the higher premiums.

I thought that pet owners could afford to pay for their pets.

While this sounds like a simple and straightforward thing to do, it isn’t.

There are a number of things that pet companies do that don’t help make insurance more affordable for pet owners.


Premiums Are Higher Than They Used to Be.

In a recent study conducted by the Pet Insurance Institute, it was found that the cost of pet ownership insurance has increased by an average of 7.8% annually since 1990.

As a result, pet owners are paying more for their pet insurance premiums than they used to. 2.

Pet insurance policies aren’t cheap.

Pet insurers have had to raise the prices for pet insurance for years now.

In 2018, a pet insurer in California was charging $300 per month for a policy.


Pet Insurance Companies are Overcharging Their Pet Owners.

In 2017, an insurance agent at an insurance company in the state of Washington had a client who purchased her first dog and a cat for $1,600.


Pets are Not Always Expensive to Buy.

The average price of a pet in Washington is $4,000.

That’s an expensive price to pay if you have kids.


Pet owners are losing out on savings.

The pet insurance industry in Washington has been caught charging pet owners for things like pet wellness services and pet vaccinations, which is something that many people don’t want to pay more for.


Pets Can Be a Huge Expense to Buy If You Are Under 50.

While pet insurance is not required to cover veterinary care, some insurance companies require pet owners to pay a small percentage of their pet’s insurance premiums for veterinary care.


Pet Policy Policies Can Be Failing.

While it’s true that pet policies are expensive, pet insurance does not cover all of the costs associated with owning a pet.

For example, pet policies do not cover a veterinarian’s fee or pet dental insurance.

If you have a pet with a medical condition, your pet may be covered by a different policy.

In fact, the Pet Policy Institute found that pet policy premiums in Washington are typically around 5% higher than those in other states.


Pet Owners are Not Allowed to Negotiate a Discount on Pet Insurance.

Pet policies can be negotiated for a pet, but only with the pet’s veterinarian.


Pets Aren’t Always Insurance-Friendly.

Pet owner discounts can be extremely costly for many pet owners who are in a tight financial situation.


Petowners Can’t Use Tax Credits to Buy a Pet Insurance Policy.


Pet Prices are Not Expected to Change.

If your pet is in the market for a new pet, the pet insurance company may not be expecting to see a lot of change in their rates.


Insurance Companies Are Not Preparing for Pet Insurance Policies.

According the Pet Insurer’s Association, pet insurers are not preparing for the new policies.


Pets Have a Special Relationship to Insurance.

According a Pet Policy Watch blog post, pet companies often have a special relationship with their pet owners that they don’t share with other policies.

If a pet owner is in a pet-related insurance situation, the insurance company could find themselves on the losing end of the argument.


Pet Policies Can Affect Your Tax Credits.

Pet policy discounts can often be quite expensive, and many pet insurance plans do not provide pets with tax credits to help cover their premiums.

This could cause a significant tax refund to the owner of a dog or cat.


You Can’t Negotiated a Discount with a Pet Insurers Partner.

The Pet Insurance Industry in Washington states that the pet insurer cannot negotiate discounts with a pet partner.


Pets Will Pay more for Insurance Coverage if You are Over 50.

If pet insurance costs exceed your annual income, pet policy companies have an opportunity to lower the rates.

In other words, if you are under 50 and your pet has a pet deductible, it is likely that your pet will have higher premiums than if it was an adult.


You Should Never Pay More for Pet Policies if You Are Over 50, and You Are Not Pet Friendly.

If we had to choose between pet insurance and pet ownership in general, we’d choose the former.


Your Pet Will Pay More Insurance Coverage If Your Pet is Under 50, And Your Insurance Company Has

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