Posted November 02, 2018 08:09:16 A small pet park has opened in South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide.

Small pets like the koala and parrot are allowed at the new pet park which is being built at the St Pete beach on the banks of the South Bank.

The owner of the site, who has not been named, said they wanted to build a park with “little people and small animals”.

“It’s a pet park and we have no animals, no dogs, no cats and no pets,” he said.

“So it’s very small, but it’s not very crowded.”

Small pets are welcome at the small pet parks, which can be set up in parks and gardens.

They can be housed up to eight people, with a maximum capacity of three people.

The small pet space will be open to visitors for a short time every day of the year.

Owner Rohan Singh said the park was an opportunity for his “small animals” to be free from the restrictions of a larger dog park.

“The koala has been free in this park since January, so it was a really big opportunity for us to bring in a koala to live with us,” he explained.

“This koala was very close to us so we could give her a chance to live.”

“It is just an opportunity to live in a small space and to be around other animals, just for the moment.”

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