A pet owner who wants to become a police detective in the U.S. has a few things to keep in mind.

Here’s what to know before you get started.


Don’t sign up for a police academy or take the oath of office.

You won’t get a badge.


A pet agency will not let you start your own pet agency.

It’s a legal grey area.


You will be asked to prove that you have a good history of keeping pets.

You’ll have to show that you’ve paid for the pets you keep.


You need to keep the pet under your care until you are hired by a police department.

A state law called the Pet Protection Act requires that you be licensed by a state agency and have at least a six-month-long history of caring for animals.


You have to have a pet that is at least two years old.

A good pet should be at least six months old.

The law also allows you to have multiple pets.


You can’t have more than one pet per household, but you must be able to keep all the animals in the home.


Pets can only be kept by licensed breeders, licensed importers, or certified animal health care professionals.


If you are planning to own pets, you’ll have access to a dog registry and be able check in your pets’ health and behavior every 30 days.


The department has to hire a trained dog trainer.

If a police animal officer has a history of training and handling animals, he or she must be certified by the state.


If your pet is not licensed, you can’t take the test for a state license.


Your pet may be euthanized.

If the owner decides that the pet is unhealthy, the state will euthanize the pet.

The state will charge a $1,000 fee to get rid of the animal.


The police department can’t euthanese a dog, cat, or other animal that is sick, injured, or injured.


You must notify the department within 60 days of becoming a pet owner.


A law called Pet Protection Acts, also known as the Pet Health Protection Act, requires that police departments obtain the necessary licenses and inspections before they can adopt a pet.


You may be charged for a pet registration fee, but it’s optional.

You are not required to pay for a license, inspections, and training.


If there is a problem with your dog, you must keep the animal under your custody.

The dog will be euthansized.

The city of Portland, Oregon, requires a certificate from the state in order to adopt an animal from a city-owned breeder.

The breeder has to have an annual income of at least $1 million.

The certifying agency must provide the city with the certificate by the next business day.


It is illegal to euthanze a dog in a state prison or penal facility.

The animal is not required for medical treatment.


Dogs may not be kept on a street, or in a backyard, under any circumstances.


If pets are stolen, the police will have to notify the state, and the animal will be returned to the owner.

If it’s not returned, the owner will be charged $500 for the cost of the pet, plus a $100 processing fee.


Pets are considered pets for purposes of federal and state laws.

They can’t be sent to an airport or other facility where they could be abused.

They may not have any contact with humans and they are not allowed to be confined to a home.

The only exception to this is if you are licensed to care for a service animal.


A police dog is a federally recognized service animal, and it is legally allowed to wear a police badge.

A service dog must be trained to detect signs of disease or illness and respond to commands to the best of its ability.


You’re not allowed on a police force, or a city’s police department, to hold a pet unless you have the permission of the department’s chief or the chief’s designee.


It doesn’t matter how well your dog is trained, as long as you are following the law.


Pets will be allowed on certain streets, if the owners give the city a valid waiver.


If they’re adopted, you may have to sign an agreement stating that you’re not going to have any pets while you’re a police dog.


If anyone has a complaint against you or your pet, you will be required to provide copies of the complaint, your court papers, and your pet’s medical history.


A dog can only carry one person at a time.


If someone is having a physical altercation with a pet, they can call the police.

They have to provide the dog with a leash

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