Hedgehogs have become a new family pet, but not all pets are created equal.

The best pet people know are the ones that are willing to share their stories with us.

So here’s what you need to know about hedgehogging.1.

They’re the ultimate feline companions.

As a pet rabbit, it can be tough to find a hedgehog that isn’t a good companion.

Hedgehog fur and fur pads help protect the hedgehog from the elements and makes it feel safe to sit in the same room as them.

It can also help keep the hedgehogg warm when they’re in the cold.

They’ll love to sniff the air or eat from a bowl of treats.2.

They have a sense of smell.

They can tell if you’re hiding something by sniffing your nose.

They also get curious if you are a cat, and will come to sniff out the fur on your head and neck.3.

They get jealous.

They like to chase each other around and compete with each other.

They will often compete for the best hedgehog toys or the most adorable toys they can find.4.

They love their food.

They are very territorial and will often attack each other if they feel threatened.

They may even bite each other and steal food if they are not allowed to.

They tend to get hungry and are very good at hiding their bodies under their fur pads.5.

They do not need to be socialized.

Hedgehog fur is a natural shelter for the hedge-hog, and they will come into your home and hide if you leave it alone.

Hedge hogs love to spend time together, and when you leave them alone they’ll return.6.

They aren’t afraid to fight.

You can tell when they are excited because they will often fight for attention.

They don’t need to hide under their pads, and you can see their excitement when they fight.

They often fight when they feel like their fur is getting in the way of the other hedgehog’s dominance.7.

They know how to work together.

They’ve learned to respect each other by working together to solve problems and make things better.

They usually share treats and toys with each one of them.8.

They won’t leave their owners alone if they need something.

They come to the owner’s aid when they have problems.

They try to make things right even if they’re fighting.

They learn to listen and be understanding of the owner and the situation.9.

They take care of their owners.

Hedge-hogs will often stay with their owners for a long time before they need to go to the vet.

They even come to your home to play and share treats with you.10.

They enjoy working together.

Hedge Hogs love working together, because they can always find something that will be a good match for them.

They really enjoy the companionship of each other, and the way they work together makes for a really good family.11.

They care about other animals.

Hedge pigs love to play, so if they see other hedge hogs they can easily jump on and play with them.

The fact that they know how important other animals are to them makes them great pets for other animals as well.

They might even come home and give other hedge pigs a treat.12.

They eat and sleep together.

It’s a big plus when a hedge pig eats the same treats that you feed it.

Hedge pups have an amazing appetite for food, and their natural scent helps them get their food from a different source.

They spend hours in their cage together, watching each other for food.13.

They prefer fresh food.

When a hedge-pup has a treat, it will go right to their mouth, where it will stay until the next time they are fed the same treat.14.

They go to great lengths to make sure their owners are happy.

They make sure that their fur and pads are clean and they don’t leave any food or treats on their bodies.

They give the treats to the owners, and even offer to help them clean up after themselves.

They understand that it is important to provide their owners with a safe place to play with their hedgehog, but they also understand that this is important for their health as well and that their health is important too.

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