A pet’s owner might want to give it a shot, but the best way to do that is by giving it a drink.

The Australian pet frog, which can be a little tricky to get hold of, is one of the most common species of frog in Australia.

It is a small amphibian, weighing just over 1.5 kilograms and up to 3 centimetres long.

And its ability to thrive in a variety of habitats makes it a popular pet.

The frogs are found across the country, and there are even pet stores in the country that sell pet frogs.

“A pet frog has two major life stages: egg and larval stage,” says Dr John Deakin, an animal and plant physiologist at the University of Queensland.

“The egg stage lasts for about six months, and the larval is about six weeks.”

In the adult stage, the frog lays its eggs in water.

This can be either fresh or a pond water.

When it hatches, it is called a tadpole.

The tadpole becomes an adult and will then become a frog, a species of amphibian.

The pet frog can live for around six years and can be up to 30 centimetre long.

“Pet frogs have very little body size, so they are very difficult to raise,” says Deakin.

The main way to raise a pet frog for food is to put them in a well-maintained pond.

But you can also feed them fresh water and some food is available from pet stores.

But it’s a process that involves lots of work and you can only get a pet that is a good pet, he says.

“If you’ve got a pet who is a bad pet, then you’ve had to put a lot of effort into trying to get it to behave properly.”

Deakin says the pet frog may not be suitable for the people who are looking for a pet.

But, he adds, “they’re very rare.” “

But for the ones that have experienced them, they can be very friendly and they are a good animal to have around.”

But, he adds, “they’re very rare.”

So, to be a good parent, a pet has to be good with its environment.

The best way of finding out if a pet is a pet, is to try to get a hold of it.

“You can find out a lot about a frog by just looking at its appearance,” Deakin explains.

“That’s very easy to do.”

So you can just give it water, but it might take a little time to get the frog to drink.

It might be easier to give the frog a drink when it’s sleeping, says Deakins team leader Dr Tim Cuthbertson.

“It’s not that it’s going to start drinking, it’s just going to go to sleep and wake up and that’s the easiest way to know if it’s really a pet or not,” he explains.

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