A couple of weeks ago, a friend posted a picture of a kitten with an adorable cat-shaped paw on Craigslist.

It wasn’t a cat, of course, it was a rabbit.

It looked like it could be the pet of any cat lover out there, but the rabbit had no name, no family, no history of getting hurt or abused.

It was just a bunny.

The rabbit, who had no idea what to do with it, went crazy and started attacking and chasing the kitten with its claws.

It ran away, and the kitten was eventually taken to the vet for a rabies shot.

But the rabbit didn’t seem to be hurting the kitten, and it was later discovered that the kitten had been living with a cat named Pete’s Dragon.

In a world where cat owners have more than a few pet rabbits, Pete may not be the only one to get a little weird when it comes to pets.

Here are 10 common ways pet owners are making pets look like they’re all that and more.1.

“We don’t want to put them down!”

Pete’s Dragons are known for their tendency to jump out of their cages, and that’s just not a good look.

Pete has a lot of energy, but his temperament is a little bit more volatile than most.

He can get very territorial and may attack anyone who crosses his path.

But that’s all he really cares about.2.

“I have to kill it!”

Petes Dragon, left, and his owners, Pete and Lisa, have been together for years and are used to seeing him act out and fighting.

“It’s not fair,” Pete says.

“He does what he wants.”3.

“That was a mistake!”

Peter’s Dragon is known for fighting and jumping out of his cage.

He often fights people who try to pet him, and if someone doesn’t like it, they may leave him alone.

If Pete doesn’t want the pet to be left alone, he can often become aggressive toward it.4.

“If I don’t kill him, will you?”

Pete was once a wild cat who was trapped in a cage in a house and his owner didn’t want him to be allowed out.

But when the cage was opened, Petes owners realized they had a wild kitten.

And the cat was free.5.

“Is he dangerous?”

Petes dragon was once trapped in his cage and his animal guardian, Pete, didn’t know what to say when Pete went into the house.

“Why is he in here?

He can be dangerous,” Pete said.

“What if I don-what if I let him out?”6.

“Theres a little cat in here, what can I do about it?”

The little kitten was one of Pete and Lisa’s favorite pets.

“They had been in the house a long time and they had just adopted it and had put it in the cage,” Lisa says.

So when Petes Dragon jumped out of the cage, Lisa took it home and put it down.

“This cat is one of my favorite pets,” Lisa said.7.

“Do I want to have another?”

Lisa says she and her husband don’t really mind if Petes is wild, because they’re not doing anything wrong.

“When you see a cat you love that’s not a pet, that’s a normal cat,” Lisa explains.

“You just have to be careful.

He’s very wild, he has his own agenda, and we don’t have any reason to let him go.”8.

“My cat was so cute!”

Petelias dragon, left in a box, was a very cute little cat who had a very long life expectancy.

“His owners were very, very upset about this,” Lisa explained.

“After we got him back, the cat had a long life span and was a beautiful cat.

But because he was a little kitten, we didn’t get him any more than he was there.”9.

“Can I get rid, can I sell?”

Petelas dragon was one the first cats that Lisa and Pete adopted from a shelter.

They had never had a cat before and didn’t have a lot to show for it, so they were nervous.

But once Petelas was put down and Lisa got him his first cat, he became their favorite.10.

“No, I don.

I’m not going to let you kill it.”

Pete and Lisa are not the only people who have pet dragons.

The cat has also been known to attack people, including a woman who was bitten by one.

“When she went to get him the next day, the bite was so bad she was in the hospital for a few days,” Lisa told Business Insider.

“But the cat has a personality.

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