A new study finds that a pet turtle can be just as dangerous to people as a pet dog.

But the risks of pet frogs may not be as extreme.

Pet frogs can be dangerous to pets.

They can cause respiratory infections, parasites, and death, said Robert D. Hagen, a professor of zoology at the University of Illinois at Chicago who has written extensively about amphibians and reptiles.

“When I think about amphibian species that have a range of predators, they’re not all that aggressive,” Hagen said.

He added that pets may be better off keeping pets indoors.

The risk of a pet frog in the U.S. is “extremely small,” said John G. Pfeiffer, an associate professor of ecology at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

The frog is “really quite harmless” to humans.

PFEIFER, however, said the risks are not so small that it is not worth trying to prevent them from being carried by people.

Many pets are carried in people’s pockets or under bedclothes.

If someone brings a pet into a crowded room, the frog may jump out of the way, or it could be hit by someone who has a pet.

If you think a pet is dangerous, you can check its size, length, color, and weight, but not its age, or the size of its head.

When people carry pets, they can become frustrated and lose patience, Pfeffer said.

They could also be injured, and the animal could bite or sting someone.

Pfeiffers studies of frogs show that pets can be deadly to animals.

In 2003, a pet duck named Stinky had an attack and died.

The animal had been hiding in a bathtub, and when a man walked into the tub, it bit his foot.

PFeiffer said the death may have been accidental, but his research showed that Stinky was a pet that was trained to bite people.

The study found that frogs carry parasites, such as the black widow spider.

It is unclear why black widow spiders are more dangerous to humans than to pets, PFEIFFER said.

Pfeffers study on pet frogs found that the average frog lives to be 25.2 years old.

A pet frog may live to be around 80.

It is also possible for a pet to die before reaching adulthood, and it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year for a frog to become old enough to be released from its home.

The risk to humans is greater than to frogs, but Pfeffer said it is “pretty unlikely” to kill someone.

Hagen said he and his colleagues are studying frogs in Florida to see if the risk to people is comparable.

He and Pfeifers research have not found any cases of human death associated with pet frogs in the state.

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