When Peter Pettigs, the creator of the popular cross-species pet cemetery series Pet Cemetery, set out to breed a dog, it took him some time to get to know his new pet.

He had to take on the task of making sure the animal had the right genes.

“I had no idea where I would end up, and I didn’t even have a pet cemetery, so there was no place to put him,” Mr Pettigrough said.

“So, I started off with a very basic idea: what is the genetic makeup of the dog and how does it fit in the dog’s DNA?

I didnít know if I was making a dog or a cat.”

The answer came with time and effort, but after some careful thought, Mr Pettigs decided to do it the right way.

The first cross-bred dogs Peter Pettiggrew bred were named Peter and Peterie.

“It was a bit of a shock,” he said.

Mr Pettiggrough has since bred a number of different cross-breeds, and has named some of them, including his own pet, Pip.

“My mum has a couple of dogs, and one of them was named Peterie, which was an Irish breed,” Mr McGorry said.

It was not until Mr Pettiger was in his mid-20s that he began to understand the importance of genetic diversity.

“At that point, I was working as a designer at a design studio and I would have had to design something every week,” he explained.

“And I would be looking at a cross-pollination of different breeds and I thought, this looks really interesting.”

And then I started to think, how do you go about doing that?

How do you get the genes that are relevant to the cross, to the breed, to what you want to achieve?

“Mr Pettigan said he found a solution by breeding his own dog.

“For me, it’s a real pleasure.” “

There’s something really rewarding about knowing you have a cross that will not only breed again, but will breed in a different way,” he concluded.

“For me, it’s a real pleasure.”

Pet cemetery owner ‘a proud dog’ ‘I never want to see Peter’ Peter Pettigo is happy to be associated with a crossbreeding of dogs.

Photo: AP Peter Pettigi was born on November 17, 1966 in South Melbourne, Victoria.

His father was a farmer and his mother worked as a school teacher.

His mother, who had a passion for collecting pets and animals, bought Peterie and put him to sleep in her yard.

Peter was a loyal dog and was never left at the foot of her bed.

“He was a proud dog,” Mr Petigrew said.

But he had a hard time getting used to the idea of owning a crossbred dog.

“A lot of people think, well, Peter, you just have to be a dog and I’ll be a cat, and it’s really difficult for us to understand that,” he added.

“The first thing I realised is, if you’re going to cross breed, you need to have the right DNA.”

Peter PettIGROFF was born in South Australia on November 18, 1966.


1: 7 Peter Pettigan says the first cross breed he crossed with a cat was in a bid to prove that breed was a better choice for a dog.

It did not take long for him to see how that crossed bred was better.

“When you get a dog like that, it takes about eight weeks for the genes to become active, and when you see a dog that looks a bit like that and the gene is there, you go, ‘That’s good’,” Mr Pettigo said.

The cross-crossing began after Peter Pettiger went back to his family farm, where he grew up, to see what his father had been doing.

He found the family farm had been sold to a company that had taken over the business.

“Peter’s dad had just left, and he went back and his dad got a lot of stuff sold off to other companies, and that started to really piss him off,” Mr Peigrew explained.

Peter Pettige’s dad, James, had a lot to do.

He died before Peter could get a licence to breed Peter, so Mr Pettigi crossed with his own son, Peterie in a matter of weeks.

“Then, after a while, I had a chance to get Peterie bred and it was a really happy moment,” Mr Prigg said.

He would go on to breed more and more of his own dogs, including Pip.

Mr Petiglroy’s passion for the crossbreeding is so strong, he has even developed a “Pet Cemetery” where he has crossbred dogs, but only if he wants them to be

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