A pet hospital chain is trying to get out of the pet grocery business and onto the shelves of pet stores, with a plan to sell its pet medications online and sell them at pet stores.

The company called Pet Grocery has been in the business since the early 2000s and sells pet products like anti-fungal creams, and cat and dog collars.

It sells to retailers like Walgreens, Petco and Kroger.

The chain announced Tuesday that it plans to open its own pet hospital and pharmacy, with the aim of opening in mid-2017.

The pharmacy will sell pet medications for pet owners, and it will be staffed by licensed veterinarians, said Mike Miller, CEO of Pet Groceries.

The pharmacy will be located at the corner of East and Main streets, just south of Walgops, and Pet Grocers will be able to order pet products online from the Pet Groce store.

The chain plans to be able offer its pet drugs to Walgens and other pet stores as well, Miller said.

The Pet Groc-ers are not just in the pet business.

Miller said the chain is also looking to bring in more customers who may not be buying pet food.

The pet grocery chain plans on focusing on health, wellness and pet health.

The Pet Gro-ers will be a full-service grocery store that sells the most popular pet products in pet stores around the world, Miller told the Herald Times.

The store is expected to open sometime in mid to late 2017.

It will also be able sell pet foods to the general public, Miller added.

The new Pet Groces-ers pharmacy will open in 2017.

Miller said Pet Grocs will also work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to sell products to pet stores that are under quarantine, or that are in an animal shelter.

Pet Grocos also plans to sell a wide range of pet supplies and accessories to pet retailers.

The U.K.-based chain has not announced its first order of pet foods.

It also did not announce the number of pet store locations it plans on opening, although Miller said he expects to be opening more stores in the U-K.

The group said the first Pet Grocus store will be in the British capital of London, with other planned locations to come.

Miller told the newspaper that Pet GroC-ers plans to make pet medicine more accessible to people in the developing world.

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