The most important stories of the year came from Recode and TechCrunch, the two sites that were the most talked about in 2017.

The tech and finance news sites made more headlines, but they were the ones with the most impact on the news cycle.

Recode was one of the first to break the story that Apple had bought the San Francisco-based Beats Electronics for $3 billion.

The story broke on March 9.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the acquisition would be announced “this summer” and confirmed that Apple would retain Beats Electronics’ technology.

The Verge published an article that said the Beats acquisition “shouldn’t be a surprise,” given that Apple’s current strategy is “not focused on music.”

But the Verge article sparked a firestorm of criticism and speculation.

The article, written by Jason Fried and James Damore, the former Google engineer who was fired in March after a diversity memo criticized the company for excluding minorities from its engineering teams, went viral.

In response to the article, Cook said that Cook would not comment on speculation or speculation.

“I don’t have anything to share on that right now,” Cook told reporters on March 17.

The next day, Cook tweeted: “If you have any questions, ask them.

But please, do not take anything out of context.”

On April 1, Apple CEO Cook and his team issued an internal memo stating that the company had made “significant progress” with diversity in the company.

“Our culture is one of innovation, hard work, and building products that matter to you,” the memo read.

Cook also noted that he had reached out to other companies and was in the process of “exploring all opportunities” to partner with them.

However, Apple said it was still in the middle of the process.

Apple did not release its quarterly financial results, which were released on April 17.

Cook did not mention the Beats purchase in his April 17 interview with the Verge.

However on the day of the Apple earnings call, Cook reiterated that the acquisition of Beats was “not a surprise” and he did not want to discuss it at the time.

On April 24, Cook released a statement to the Wall Street Journal saying that the deal would “create more than one million jobs in the U.S.”

Apple did indeed announce that the Beats deal was going to create 1 million jobs, though it did not specify how many.

In the next few months, we’ll share more details about this exciting new group. “

We’ve already seen some great progress.

And of course, this announcement will be accompanied by the announcement of a huge manufacturing and supply chain expansion.” “

When we announced the deal, we also noted the impact it would have on our manufacturing and other business operations.

And of course, this announcement will be accompanied by the announcement of a huge manufacturing and supply chain expansion.”

The announcement of the Beats order, Cook added, “will help us build a stronger future.”

In a separate email to company employees, he also added that the “unprecedented” investment in manufacturing would create “more than one new job in the US and will help us keep pace with the economy.”

“In a way, the Beats announcement has been a big boost for our economy, and I can’t wait to share more about the plans as we work towards achieving our goals,” Cook said.

On June 5, Cook announced the hiring of a new Chief Technology Officer, David DeBolt.

“David will work to support our employees and the innovation that we all strive to achieve in our company,” Cook wrote in a blog post.

“He will also build on our existing team to bring the greatest and most talented engineers and product people to bear on building the new Apple products that we know you want to see, and our new products are only the beginning.”

The timing of Cook’s comments was also critical.

On May 1, the first batch of the iPhone 7 was released.

Apple said at the beginning of the month that the first iPhone was expected to arrive in stores by June.

However the phone did not hit stores until June 20.

By that point, the initial iPhone 7 units were selling at a loss.

The iPhone 7 did not have a black or silver color option, and many consumers wanted an option for a more traditional black or red color option.

On July 1, Cook made another announcement about the iPhone.

The company said that it was bringing back the ability to customize the iPhone, adding a new design option.

The announcement was made during a live event in which Apple announced that it would release an iOS update to its App Store that would allow customers to create custom versions of apps.

The new version of the App Store will be called the “App Store” and will offer developers “the ability to create apps for Apple devices with a wide range of features and functions,” according to

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