By Peter LawfordPosted in UncategorizedPosted on Tuesday, September 27, 2018 17:24:03In my post about how I love my cats and dogs, I mention a Craigslist ad for pet care services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a town with a population of more than 8 million. 

It’s part of a series of stories about people in Tulsa who love their pets, and one of them is Peter Lawfield, a freelance photographer who has been photographing the city since 2007. 

I’ve covered Lawfield’s work for The Daily Beast, the Tulsa World, and elsewhere, and he’s also written a book on the subject, The Love of My Pets. 

Here, for example, are photos of his dogs and cats in action: Cherry, a German Shepherd. 

( beautiful brown and white cat named Cherry.

(Pet ) (Aurora golden retriever named Lucy, who looks just like my daughter’s golden retrivers. 

The three-year-old black and white labrador retriever. 

A brown-and-white golden retriiner named Posh. 

(, Aurora Petsmart.) 

(Dog and (Courtesy of Peter Lawf) An American Staffordshire Terrier named Bella. 

 ( A black Labrador named Darlene. 

A miniature black Labrador called Baby-E. 

Doodle and the three-month-old puppy. 

Lion and the cat. 

One of my best friends, who has her own home on my street. 

An all-black labrador named Lillie. 

And a white Labradoodle named Dolly. (, a four-year old white Labrador named Poodle and a 10-year older black Labrador with a golden retriver.


The photo below shows a golden labrador called Lillies love of cats. 

Poodle and Lill. 

Herding and training. 

Dog and cat.

(Courtesy of Pet Mart.) 

And the photo below, from the book Pet Care: The Love of my Pets, by Peter Lawwell, captures my love for my cats, and how they have affected my life. 

You can see more of Lawfields work at his blog, The Daily Show. 

In addition to the photos above, here are some of my favorites. 

First, the black labrador, Lillis cats, as you can see in this photo: (The Daily Show) Second, the two Labrador retrievers and the Labrador retriever mixes. 

They are in this family together: Lillies dog and Lili’s cat.

A black lab and a white lab. 

Third, this cat named Dinky, a black Labrador. 

“Dinky” and “Pinky” are twins. 

Fourth, the family of four. 

We call them “Lillys dogs” and “Pinky’s dogs.” 

(From The Daily Strip) Fifth, this photo of “Dinky.” 

Sixth, the cat who looks like I have two little kids, a golden Retriever named Lili, and a silver Labrador named Lilly. 

This cat is a Golden Retriver. 

Seventh, a silver Labradoodles golden retripper named Delly, who is my best friend and my cat.

This photo of Lillys cat, “Delly.” 

And Lill, a Labrador retriver named Loli, who look like I do. 

Eightth, “Lili.” 

Here are the cats, from The Daily Wire, that I think are the most amazing:  Lili, Lili and Lilli. 

Now, the best photo of my cat, which is “Lilli”: (Huffington Post)  Finally, here is my dog, who I have met through my family and my blog, Dog and Cat: Mia, who was a cat when I first met her. 

Mica, my two dogs: And Mica, one of my cats: We also have this beautiful black Labrador, named Lucy: A little white dog named “Lily.” 

The family of three. 

My dog, Mia. 

Second dog, “Mica” (Courtesy, DogandCat) And my cat’s cat, Lily. 

From left to right, Mica (Lili), Mia, Lily (Mica) and Mia.

This is the photo of the family. 

Finally a family photo of Mia,

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