The Craigslist website has been a hotbed for the sale of animals on the platform, with hundreds of thousands of dollars being made through listings.

But as the site’s popularity has exploded, so has its advertising revenue. 

The Craigslist ads are now viewed by more than 70 million people daily, and they are now being used by millions of pets. 

But with its rapid growth comes a risk to the site.

In recent months, Craigslist has seen a surge in listings of pets that it does not own, which can be dangerous for the animals. 

In the past year, the website has also seen a steady stream of animals listed as a family member, and even pets from the same breeder. 

Some of these listings are illegal and the animals in them are subject to the Federal Trade Commission’s pet listing reporting requirements. 

Criminal penalties can be severe, with fines totaling millions of dollars. 

“A lot of these animals that are being listed are being brought in by people who have a legitimate interest in the pets,” said David Pate, a lawyer and the former executive director of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

He added that the listing could cause a serious injury or even death for the animal owner. 

A spokesman for Craigslist, which is owned by eBay, declined to comment on specific instances, but did say that the company was working to strengthen its reporting requirements to prevent illegal listings.

“While we have seen an uptick in illegal listings, we have not seen a significant uptick in the number of reported cases,” the spokesman said in an email. 

Pate noted that many people who buy pets on Craigslist do so for a variety of reasons, including pets they already own or pets that are just in the area. 

If someone finds out that a listing is illegal, Pate said, they should report it to the company.

“The bottom line is: If you find something that is illegal and report it, it will get investigated.

If you are a seller, it is likely going to get investigated,” he said.

Craigslist has made an effort to improve its reporting system.

In November, the company said it was launching an internal tool to help consumers check the legality of their listings.

And it is also working to make its website more robust.

In an effort that started with a small effort to increase the accuracy of pet listings on the site, the site has been improving its automated reports system, which requires users to enter the name and email address of the seller.

The site also is working to improve the tracking and reporting of pets on its website.

Last week, the platform said it would improve its tracking of pet photos to better track the locations of pets and help users understand where pets are located. 

And Craigslist is working with other major tech companies to develop tools that would allow people to report illegal listings quickly and easily. 

It also said that it is in talks with the Food and Drug Administration about developing a system to track pet deaths.

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