A new pet store is coming to the mall next week in suburban Baltimore.

The pet store will be located at 888 Walgreens Parkway in Woodbridge, Maryland, on Wednesday. 

The Walgills are already well-known for their pet food and toys. 

“Walmart Pet” will be a pet food brand that focuses on “health, wellness and happiness.” 

The store will sell all-natural, natural, vegan and natural pet foods and accessories as well as pet supplies, toys and toys for the home and small children. 

According to the store’s website, the goal of the pet store, according to the company’s Facebook page, is to help pets and their owners “find a healthier, more loving relationship with their pet, a happy home with love, and a happy life.” 

“This new pet location is a first step in a long journey that we believe is about creating more healthy and happier homes for our pet,” said Jennifer Johnson, CEO of the Walgill Companies. 

This new location is being located on Walgros Parkway near Woodbridge Mall, a retail and shopping center. 

A number of stores have opened around the country in the past few years. 

In January, a new pet and pet food store opened in the New York City neighborhood of Greenwich Village. 

And earlier this year, a similar pet store opened up in Santa Monica, California. 

Here are some of the stores that have opened in recent years: Kathy’s Pet Pantry  opened in the San Francisco Bay Area last year and offers pet supplies and pet treats, including kibble, treats and food for dogs and cats. 

Honey Bites  was the second new pet food restaurant to open in the nation. 

Pet Food Mart opened in Houston, Texas, last year, and sells dog food, cat food and pet supplies. 

Sue and Dave’s Pet Store  spoke to the New Orleans Times-Picayune and said they are the first new pet-food chain to open since 2009. 

Walgreens Pet Nutrition is based in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.

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