In a move that has angered many people, Google has decided to shut down the social networking app for anyone under 30 in the United States and Canada.

Google told users that it would be “removing” them from the app over the next few weeks, after its parent company Alphabet Inc announced it was ending support for the social platform.

The decision came after it emerged that many people have been trying to join Google’s platform, with some launching their accounts with the help of an app called Google+, which was available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Google has said it is working on a solution for those who want to stay on the platform, but the company has not said how it intends to keep the service up to date.

Users of the social networks said they were dismayed by the decision, with many accusing Google of forcing them to use a social network to access its services.

“It’s a slap in the face to people who’ve been using Google+ to find friends and make new ones,” tweeted Andrew Miller, a senior research fellow at the University of New South Wales.

“They’re not using it to do what the company wants them to do: use their phones to access the services of Google.

They’re using it because they want to.”

The social network, which is owned by Google parent company Google, was created to help people get information and connect with people across the world.

It was designed to let people share their life experiences and connect across cultures.

Its creators are also hoping that its community of more than 25 million users will eventually help make it into a popular tool for the technology company to help solve social problems, such as homelessness, the Ebola outbreak and crime.

In addition to being a popular app, Google+ has a large user base, with over 8 million users across its more than 3,000 countries.

It also has its own online community, where users can ask for help, discuss topics, ask questions and discuss products and services.

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