“They didn’t give me a refund.

I’m really not even sure what to say to that.”

In the weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays, the Walmart store on a corner in Easton, Massachusetts, had a reputation for being a store full of shoppers who couldn’t wait to leave.

There were a lot of shoppers, many of them from out of town, who wanted to pick up some items for their family.

But it was unclear what was going on.

The problem, according to an online post by a local Walmart customer service representative, was that the store wasn’t accepting any credit cards.

When a shopper approached the cashier and told him he had a credit card, he was told that it was a “temporary transaction” and that he would need to come back in a couple of days.

When that didn’t happen, the cashiers told the shopper that he had to go back in and wait for the next person to get his payment, the shoer’s wife told Fox News.

That’s when things went south.

The customer’s wife said she had to pay with her own credit card.

She called Walmart to report it, and the store manager responded with a statement saying that they were not accepting credit cards at this time.

The customer’s cashier told her that he needed to come in to get her money back, but instead he was directed to a different cashier who would take her money.

The shopper called Walmart again, and this time the store management told him that she had a problem with the money and that they had to take the money back from her, according the wife.

The store manager told the husband that he didn’t have to pay, and that it would be back within the next 24 hours, according her statement.

The husband later called Walmart and was told he could not get his money back because he didn, too, according his statement.

The husband called the store’s manager again and again to report the same thing, according a report by the local station WFSB.

The manager said he could handle it, but that it wasn’t Walmart’s problem.

He said that they should be handling the problem at the store, WFSBR reported.

When the husband returned from the store on Christmas Eve, he found the cash register full of cash and credit cards on the floor.

He was shocked.

Walmart had no idea what was happening.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, told Fox that she received a call from Walmart after Christmas Eve saying that the company had been notified of her husband’s problems.

She was also told that the problems were being fixed.

But the manager did not respond to Fox News’ requests for comment.

According to the husband’s statement, he asked Walmart management what was wrong with the cash registers.

He also asked the manager why the money was taken from his husband, and when the money would be returned.

He claimed that he called the local Walmart and Walmart’s corporate headquarters to report that the manager had lied to him, according Fox News reports.

The store management manager told him to come to work on Tuesday and that the next day they would talk about the situation.

The next day, the husband called Walmart.

Walmart told him it had no control over how the store was run.

Walmart managers would be at the cash machines the next morning to deal with the issue, according Walmart’s statement.

But when the husband came back from work on Monday morning, the manager told his wife that she was not to return any money and told her to call Walmart again and try again.

Walmart management told the man that it had been informed about the issue and that Walmart would do its best to fix it.

The Walmart manager called his wife to the front desk Monday afternoon to explain to her that she needed to return the money, according WFSBB.

The wife went back to work, but she said that the cash was gone.

The man called Walmart, the company’s corporate office, and told them what had happened.

She told the manager that Walmart managers had lied and that she would never have paid for her Christmas Day shopping at Walmart.

The management office called Walmart management again and told the woman that she should call her lawyer.

She called her lawyer and the manager called her husband.

She tried to contact Walmart management, but the manager wouldn’t respond.

The Walmarts corporate office has said that Walmart is cooperating with the investigation.

Walmart has said in a statement that it takes the safety of our associates very seriously and that we are investigating this issue and are making every effort to assist our associates in this difficult time.

In an email to FoxNews, a Walmart spokesperson told FoxNews that they do not comment on personnel matters.

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