on exotics article Peter crisc, a 10-year-old German Shepherd, has been adopted from the United States by a friend of his family, who also has a German Shepherd puppy, the New York Post reported.

Peter’s owner, Barbara Criss, has spent much of his life trying to get Peter adopted out of the country.

She told the Post that Peter was in such bad shape that she and her husband had to euthanize him because of the condition.

Peter is now in a New York City shelter, where he’s in foster care with a new family, the Post reported, citing Criss’ lawyer.

Criss said Peter was not in very good health when he was adopted.

He was only eight months old when he died.

“I thought it was a bad thing that I would be going through this.

I knew that he had to go,” Criss told the paper.

When Criss tried to adopt Peter from Germany to New York, she received a letter from her adoptive mother.

“We thought he had some kind of illness and he was so young and healthy and strong that I thought he should be adopted,” Crisc said.

Criss wrote to the adoptive family, pleading with them to bring Peter back to Germany.

Her friend, Maria König, said she sent an email to the United Kingdom government, pleading for help.

“My friend told me she was getting a call from the American government,” Königs said.

The adoptive family did, and on March 17, Könige and her mother, Angela, received a phone call from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who urged them to come back to the UK to adopt the pup.

They said they agreed to the move, but were told they were still being questioned by immigration officials.

Königen said she has received “several thousand emails” from Americans who are concerned about the pup’s condition.

In a statement to ABC News, the German government said: “Peter was not sick when he arrived in the United State.

The dog was not tested, and there is no evidence to suggest that he is suffering from a communicable disease.

He is now home with a loving family, and will be adopted in the coming days.”

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