PETA is calling on pet shops to stop using chicken for pet food because of the cruelty it causes to animals.

“In an effort to save pets, pet shop boys are selling chicken and other farm animals on pet food,” PETA said in a statement.

“In order to get your pet off pet food, you should use a food that is made of animal products.”

“We urge pet shop owners to stop selling chickens to pet shops and to replace their pet food with alternatives,” PSA added.

“A chicken is far more humane to an animal than a pet store chicken.”

In an earlier statement, the organization said it has contacted all major chicken processors to urge them to stop chicken processing.

“We want to make sure pet shopboys stop selling chicken to pet shop customers, not just for pet chicken,” PHA said.

“Instead of selling chicken for pets, they should be offering pet food made from humanely raised, pastured and raised chicken.

We urge all chicken processors, pet store operators, and retail chicken producers to stop sourcing chickens from farm animals.”

Chicken processing plants are known for their animal abuse.

PETA has documented more than 1,100 incidents of animal abuse in the United States over the last two years.

“If we can get pet shop buyers to stop buying chicken from farm animal cruelty, we can save thousands of animals,” PFAI said.

“It’s the best way to help animals and help the environment.”

The chicken companies involved in the scandal have said they were unaware that the chicken products they are using were made from animals that had been killed for food and that their products were no more harmful to animals than a chicken sandwich.

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