Dublin City Council has suspended a council pet crematorium because of a woman’s anti-Semitic rant.

Karen Burt’s pet, an American Staffordshire bull terrier named Mooch, was cremated in February this year at the Paddy’s Pet Care and Services on Dublin’s northside.

Katherine Byrne said she was shocked to learn she had been ordered to pay €30,000 in damages to her dog’s owner, Diane Kelly, who is Jewish.

She said Ms Kelly had been making comments about Jewish people and their pets and was a ‘bigot’.

Ms Byrne said the council had issued an order to the crematorium which was to be closed in January but Ms Byrne had not yet been told where it was.

“I am furious,” she said.

“She has been banned from the premises and my pet is now on display in a museum.”

What kind of message is that sending to the Jewish community?

“There is no place for bigotry in this country and no place to be racist towards animals.”

Ms Byrne, who has six children, said she had not received any money for the cremation.

“They are the only two people who have the power to decide what is done to our pet,” she added.

“It is a tragedy that I have to deal with these sorts of things but I am just angry.”

Ms Kelly told the Irish Independent she did not know where her dog had been cremated and had not seen it.

The council said the order had been issued following a complaint from Ms Byrne’s neighbour and that the crematory had not been inspected.

It said the crematories and crematoriums were under strict and continuous supervision by the council and that any concerns raised by the community were addressed immediately.

A spokesman for the council said it was investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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