A friend and I were playing around with our pet frogs in our garden, when suddenly one of them started to make a strange humming noise.

After playing around for a bit, we realized that it was probably just an alarm for a new housemate, and we quickly put it down.

But it was not long before we noticed that its sound was actually different than the normal humming that frogs make, which is actually a warning to avoid it.

In fact, this frog’s sound is actually an alarm, as it makes an “oh” sound when it senses danger.

This frog is actually one of a group of frogs called the “Petrified Frogs” because their fear of the pet frog is so strong that they have been bred to become very wary of humans.

The pet frog in this case was a male named “Omar,” who was born in March 2018.

Omar was born to a female named Yara.

Omar and his mate, Ola, were introduced to the UK in the 1970s, and Ola was pregnant with Omar’s third child, when he developed a rare form of birth defect called a congenital cardiac arrhythmia.

The congenital condition occurs when a baby is born with a condition called cardiac vaginosis, which means that it lacks blood supply to its heart.

In the wild, these babies are born with large, bulbous hearts and no heart tissue, making it difficult for them to survive and to breathe.

Omar had been born without a heart, but when he was put into a heart-lung machine, his heart developed abnormally large, narrowing arteries, resulting in his heart developing a “heart-shaped defect” that causes it to become dangerously enlarged.

After several attempts to get Omar to breathe on his own, he had to be taken to the Royal London Hospital, where he underwent surgery.

A year later, his life was saved by a transplant from a young, healthy, heart-functioning donor, and he was finally able to receive oxygen and blood.

This was the beginning of Omar’s life in a surrogate family.

However, the condition that Omar had inherited was not cured, and after a year and a half of surgeries, the remaining heart valves had to close completely, resulting to his death in 2018.

It took Ola’s death for the world to finally catch up to this frog and recognize the unique nature of the frog.

In October 2018, the frog was reintroduced to the wild.

Now, this pet frog can be called “Ola the Frog” and he can be found in many gardens throughout the UK.

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