Pet raccoon owners are often shocked to discover their pets are often the same as other people.

So why do they care so much about the colour of their fur?

A new study, which surveyed more than 1,000 pet owners in the US, revealed that pet owners were obsessed with the colour and shape of their pets’ fur.

In an online survey of more than 700 pet owners, the study found that 70 per cent of respondents believed their pets were actually white and only 15 per cent thought their pets had a human-like appearance.

The pet colour fixation is a real problem for pet owners.

The study found:• 50 per cent believed their pet was black and white, while 36 per cent said they believed their dog was black.• 43 per cent had no idea their pet had a different colour, with one in 10 saying they couldn’t tell whether a dog was brown or black.

“In our study, we asked pet owners about their pet’s fur colour and we were surprised to find that over 70 per, 30 per cent pet owners had an obsession with their pet being different from other dogs and cats,” said study author Dr Joanne Smith.

“This was the most common reason pet owners reported that their pet is different from others, with most saying that their animal has a human or canine appearance.”• 40 per cent believe their pet has human-looking features.• 15 per of pet owners said their pet resembles a cat or dog.• 11 per cent reported their pet looks like a dog.

“It seems that the pet colour obsession is one of the top five reasons pet owners cite for their pet not living up to the expectations of their expectations,” Dr Smith said.• Pet owners believe their pets can’t be trusted with their own lives.• One in five pet owners have adopted their pet to a new home.

Dr Smith said pet colour was a common misconception for pet parents.

“Pet colour is not a good thing for the animal because it’s a bad sign that the animal is being taken for a walk by someone who is not sure whether the pet is a human,” Dr Jones said.

“When we look at the animals’ colour, it can be a good sign of how the animal will react when they are being held in a household.”

“The problem is that we do not know how people will react to their pet if their pet does not have the right markings.”

Most pet owners do not understand the reasons why they are not sure about their pets colour, and they are very concerned about their animal being treated differently from other pets.

“Dr Jones said it was not uncommon for people to take their pets for walks with their children, and pet colour should not be considered a reason for this.”

We know that children often play with pets, and there is some evidence that children have difficulty distinguishing between their own colour and that of other children,” Dr JONES said.

In addition, pet colour can be considered “an indicator of health and safety” and pet owners should consider what the colour does to the animals welfare.

The researchers said pet owners are also concerned about pets being killed by other animals.

Dr Jones believes the pet colours obsession can be explained by a need to protect a pet’s identity.”

If you see a pet that looks like you, it may be important for you to keep the pet that is the same to yourself, and not to take it for a stroll in the park or into a house,” she said.”[People] also have this need to keep their pets safe, which is why they may take a walk with their dog or cat.


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